2000 group appeal to Tinubu not to give room for Cabals in His administration.

According to information made available to our News desk, it was learnt that (APC) support groups for the 2023 presidential election have appealed to the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu not to give room for cabals in his government.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos on Monday, the over 2000 groups under APC Amalgamated Supports Group, said it is speaking with one voice that many of the people around Tinubu are lining up to hijack the government for selfish interests.

The leader of the group, Dr Samson Bilesanmi, who spoke on the occasion of his 60th birthday, called on the President-elect to also reward the group with appointments in his government.

Bilesanmi said, Tinubu is a democracy fighter for Nigeria. He is like Nelson Mandela of South Africa. We all can agree that it was after Mandela went to jail that he became the President of South Africa.

In Nigeria, Tinubu has been jailed before by the military administration and by the grace of God he fought for it and he handled the situation with God’s wisdom and eventually, he won the battle.

It is the first time in the history of Nigeria that we will have a real democrat as a president. I want to use this opportunity of my birthday to appeal and I will continue to say that Asiwaju should not give any room for cabals.

The cabal can start from all these people around Asiwaju now but Asiwaju was the one that built all of them to the extent of him building a vice president.

And these people have not built anybody to have somebody else to replace them and they cannot do it because they are only after their pockets and lives. By the grace of God, we believe that they don’t want to give a chance to fresh bread to come up and at least contribute their ideas for the smooth running of the government of Nigeria.

“These are the people forming a cabal and they will come to confuse Asiwaju not to do anything for the people. That is one of the reasons we are calling on behalf of the G36 Supporting Group that Asiwaju should not allow those people to form a cabal against those who have suffered during the recent election.

Asiwaju should also please pay back all the supporting groups for their efforts in ensuring that he emerged as the president-elect. We have done a lot and we have sent a lot both time, treasury, and talent for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Bilesanmi added, If Asiwaju wants to pay back to the supporting groups, he should not do it through the amalgamated but he should appoint a committee to look into the groups and how to compensate them. He can compensate us through appointment as board members at the federal level.

“We have gone around and we have seen that almost 1000 federal boards and agencies are in Nigeria. If we have 2000 supporting groups, Asiwaju can place two per group on every group board so we don’t regret working or a Yoruba man.

All we are saying is that Asiwaju should compensate us. If we don’t say this thing, by the time he becomes the president of Nigeria, we might not be able to say it again.

Asiwaju is a good man and he always supports the poor. He has done it before and he has helped many people but those people he has helped would not allow him to do anything for supporting groups.

Asiwaju should not allow any cabal to suggest to him how to treat the supporting groups. Anything he wants to do, he should ask God to direct him.

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