APC Women wing Leader dragged in an interview over APC failure to deliver it promises to Nigerians.

In an exclusive interview with Channels TV Betta Edu, APC’s women’s wing Leader, said that the party had delivered on all of its pledges to Nigerians, Channels TV Correspondent Seun Okinbaloye took him on.

Seun Okinbaloye disclosed that the APC had assured Nigerians that one naira would be worth one dollar but had now broken that promise.

He further probed Betta Edu’s knowledge of the current value of the dollar by asking if she has any idea.

He said, You know the moment when the APC announced that they’ll alter the naira’s status.

The exchange rate for the naira will be N1 to $1. Do you know the current value of a dollar? When you realized that your party, the APC, had promised miracles but delivered none, how did you react as the party’s leader?

Betta Edu, when asked about this, said that the country had done well in addressing insecurity, and that she could not recall the last time she heard about a bomb blast.

What’s your opinion about Nigeria President performance in 8 years?

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