Security personnel arrested in Zimbabwe for handcuffing and raping a Woman He caught stealing.

In Zimbabwe, a security guard was detained and charged with rape after it was claimed that he physically abused a 46-year-old lady who was found stealing firewood from a farm in Seke.

Alfred Dzenga, the accused, identified himself as a municipal officer and accused the woman of unlawfully felling trees before handcuffing her and raping her once. She was then told to follow him to their base after he took her axe as proof.

Dzenga stopped along the route and asked the woman to have a seat, but she resisted. He then sprayed her face with an unknown liquid before raping her without any protection.

He told the woman to take her axe and firewood and go home after the attack. The woman informed the Savanhu Village traditional chief’s officers about the rp.

The victim came saw Dzenga on Saturday near the Hunyani River and alerted the chief’s officers, who detained him and delivered him to Hatfield Police Station.

Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, a spokesman for the Harare Provincial Police, confirmed the arrest and said Dzenga would show up in court soon to answer to the allegations of rp.

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