Just in: Military seize power in Garbon.

According to the information gathered by Newsmen, the Gabon’s military has taken control of the country’s seat of power following a tumultuous general election that has been marred by allegations of irregularities and fraud.

The nation’s senior military officers made a dramatic televised announcement declaring their takeover, citing concerns about the credibility of the recently held election and asserting their representation of Gabon’s security and defense forces.

Tensions had been escalating in the days leading up to this unprecedented announcement.

Gabonese citizens and international observers had been closely watching the election, which saw the incumbent president, Ali Bongo, declared the winner with 64.27% of the vote, according to the Gabonese election center.

However, the election process was plagued by delays, logistical challenges, and allegations of misconduct by various opposition groups. These concerns led to widespread protests and disputes over the legitimacy of the results.

The opposition, in particular, had vehemently denounced the election as fraudulent, demanding a recount and transparency in the electoral process.

The military officers who now claim control of the government have declared the election results null and void.

They have also imposed a series of immediate measures, including the closure of all borders until further notice and the dissolution of state institutions.

These actions have thrown the nation into a state of uncertainty, with questions arising about the continuity of governance and the potential for further unrest.

The situation on the ground remains fluid, with reports of sporadic gunfire in the capital city of Libreville following the military’s announcement.

International leaders and organizations are closely monitoring the situation, expressing concerns about the impact on stability in the Central African region.

Efforts to reach the government for an official response have thus far been unsuccessful, leaving Gabonese citizens and the international community anxiously awaiting further developments.

In the name of the Gabonese people… we have decided to defend peace by ending the current regime, declared the military officers during their televised announcement, leaving many wondering what lies ahead for this Central African nation in the wake of this sudden and dramatic shift in power.

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